Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kale and Beets are a Sweet Treat

KALE AND I NEED TO CROSS PATHS MORE OFTEN.  We have spent way too long apart. Seriously. My food from the co-op came on Wednesday, but because of classes I haven't had time to really cook.  Unless you count shoving almonds into my mouth in between classes, which I don't. But because it is a Saturday I do not have to be frantically scampering off to classes, yippee!  Even better, it is a football Saturday! This means the basement in my resident hall will be completely empty for me to use the communal kitchen.  I can blast Nora Jones from my laptop while I'm cooking; it will be just like I am home....kind of.  I suppose I know I am a foodie when I would rather be cooking by myself in a basement than going to football games.  But that would mean eating hotdogs from one of those sketchy stands...eww!

From the co-op this week I received beautiful Russian Kale and lots of beets so...I'm gonna roast them!

I roasted the beets and Kale with a pan that my dad shipped to me.

What a lovely gesture! This pan is getting more use than he could ever know.  First, I roasted the beets for an hour, and then in the same pan I put some oiled kale on top for about 15 minutes.  I then drizzled with honey.  A lovely, simple meal.

Sometimes, I feel incredibly defeated trying to be a moonlight cook with very limited cookware.  But you would be surprised how far one tiny pan can go.  I try to be efficient with all of the cooking gear I have cramped into my dorm room.  I use a mason jar as a container for silverware, I put a hook up underneath my lofted bed to hang my pot on, I hung a fruit holder underneath my bed.  Some people probably think I'm crazy.  But for me, its something I have to do, or else college wouldn't feel like home to me.  So thanks, Dad, for that awesome pan.  Proof that, just like you only need a few ingredients to make a good meal, you only need a few pieces of cookware to get the job done. Hopefully I am on my way to being a true "dorm room" cook, if there even is such a thing. 

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